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General characteristics

In Neurology & Neurosurgery Clinic of MC Erebоuni, there is a new service in accordance with international standards- Pain Clinic. The clinic is equipped with all the necessary technical capabilities, and doctors have been retrained by leading specialists in the field.



The idea of establishing such a service at MC Erebouni appeared at the end of the forty-four days of the war in 2020, when it became clear that a large number of soldiers needed pain management after surgeries. 

Our compatriot Dr. Raymond Tadevosyan, a well-known anesthesiologist, founder of Pain Clinic in Los Angeles, who has been dealing with pain management problems in California for many years, became a partner of MC Erebouni. The establishment of the center became possible with his serious professional support. 

The new service meets all the criteria of modern medicine. The goal of the pain clinic is to eliminate or reduce pain syndromes. These may be various chronic pains that bother the patient even after surgeries or various therapies, or if surgical intervention is not indicated. 

Here, great importance is attached to the interventional method of treatment, when the intervention is carried out under X-ray or sonographic control with the help of special injections. This method of treatment is most effective for chronic back pain, spinal pain, headaches, oncological diseases, certain pain syndromes, joints and other pain syndromes.

Hasmik Sargsyan Hasmik Sargsyan Write a letter neurologist
Mariam Manukyan Mariam Manukyan Write a letter neurologist
Nairi Aghasaryan Nairi Aghasaryan Write a letter anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Price list

Primary examination by doctor of Pain Clinic


Pain relief of trigger points


Blocking of intra articular,occipital, intervertebral nerves


Blockade of the sacroiliac joint facet joint


Epidural blockade (interlaminar, caudal)


Cervical, lumbar epidural transforaminal blockades.



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