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Department of Cardiopulmonary Pathology

General characteristics

Department of Cardiopulmonary pathology of Erebouni medical center provides treatment is of more than 2,000 patients a year with cardiovascular and lung disease.

The Department provides the examination and treatment of the patients with the following cardiovascular diseases:


  • Noncoronary disease of myocardium (MOD),
  • Heart failure,
  • Hypertension,
  • Cardiac rhythm and conduction disturbance
  • Pulmonary embolism and infarction, pneumonia,
  • Endocarditis
  • Myocarditis
  • Pericarditis
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Acquired valvular heart disease


The Department provides also the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of respiratory system diseases, including rare diseases:


  • Erebouni Medical Center: Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Clinic: Department of Cardiopulmonary PathologyCoronary artery disease,
  • Chronic nonspecific pulmonary disease
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), complicated by ischemic heart disease
  • Pulmonary fibrosis,
  • Severe and complicated pneumonia,
  • Primary and secondary pulmonary hypertension
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Multiple Bronchiectasis
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Various disorders of respiratory function during sleep (sleep apnea, hypopnea, etc.).
  • Pleurisy of various geneses,
  • Tracheobronchial dyskinesia,
  • fibrosing alveolitis,


Examination of patients with pulmonary pathology is performed within a short time with the use of high-quality and modern equipment of the Diagnostic Clinic of MC Erebouni: clinical and laboratory diagnosis (general clinical and biochemical studies of blood and urine, sputum, including bacteriological and microbiological examination of sputum for the selection of rational antibiotic therapy and etc.), the study of respiratory function, allergological tests, determination of total and specific immunoglobulin "E" and immunograms, X-ray, Computer tomography examination of the chest, endoscopic examination of the respiratory system and others. The department has an intensive care unit, where oxygen therapy is conducted.

Due to multidisciplinarity character of MC Erebouni, availability of highly qualified specialists and modern equipment allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular and pulmonary pathology. It also provides the consultation of the patients by multidisciplinary team of specialists and effective treatment according to international standards and guidelines.


In the department there are general and individual wards, designed for 1 patient. There is an intensive care 8-bed ward with oxygen therapy.

For the diagnosis of cardiovascular and lung diseases the department uses the own facilities as well as facilities of Diagnostic Clinic of MC Erebouni:


  • Clinical diagnostic laboratory with the possibility of both general biochemical and immunological blood tests and microbiological, microscopic and bacteriological tests of sputum pleural punctate;
  • Electrocardiography
  • Echocardiography with Doppler and duplex scanning
  • Endoscopy (bronchoscopy) with the biopsy, as well as performance of lavage and other medical interventions
  • The diagnostic cardiac catheterization of heart and vessels
  • Spirography
  • X-ray diagnostics
  • Computed tomography
  • other


Examination of patients can be carried out on in-patient as well as on out-patient base.

Main activities

The main priorities and directions of Department's activities are:


  • Diagnosis and treatment of heart failure
  • Prevention and assessment of the risk of sudden cardiac death
  • Hypertension
  • Heart failure. The development of prognostic criteria.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - diagnosis, treatment, prevention of cardiac complications


Hasmik Saiyan Hasmik Saiyan Write a letter Head of Department of Cardiopulmonary Pathology therapist PhD (c.m.s.)
Anahit Margaryan MD Anahit Margaryan MD Write a letter cardiologist
Anush Grigoryan MD Anush Grigoryan MD Write a letter cardiologist
Gayane Armaghanyan MD Gayane Armaghanyan MD Write a letter
Nelly Grigoryan MD Nelly Grigoryan MD Write a letter cardiologist
Tatevik Gegdjyan MD Tatevik Gegdjyan MD Write a letter cardiologist
Albert Martirosyan Albert Martirosyan Write a letter thoracic surgeon
Price list

Department of Cardiopulmonary Pathology

Price list of paid services






                              Price (AMD)



Primary examination by head of the Department (head of service)




Repeated examination by head of the Department (head of service)




Primary examination by doctor




Repeated examination by doctor




Examination by head of the Department (head of service) with prescription for treatment




Examination by doctor with prescription for treatment




Cost for 1-Day treatment (medication and examinations are not included)




Cost for 2-Day treatment (medication and examinations are not included)




Cost for 3-Day treatment (medication and examinations are not included)




Cost for 4-Day treatment (medication and examinations are not included)




Cost for 5-Day treatment (medication and examinations are not included)




Cost for 1-Day treatment (including medication, without examinations)




Cost for 2-Day treatment (including medication, without examinations)




Cost for 3-Day treatment (including medication, without examinations)




Cost for 4-Day treatment (including medication, without examinations)




Cost for 5-Day treatment (including medication, without examinations)




Day-time inpatient treatment (medication and examinations are not included)








Inpatient treatment with concomitant disease




Inpatient treatment with concomitant disease and/or complications    




Inpatient treatment complicated, with impairment of the function of the vital organs








Inpatient treatment after coronary angiography (laboratory-instrumental examinations are not included)




Treatments for somatic symptom disorder including non-profile examinations




Reimbursement of additional medicine, based on the actual costs incurred




Reimbursement of additional medicine, based on the actual expenses incurred 1



Reimbursement of additional medicine, based on the actual expenses incurred 2





Coinsurance approved by Order N 91-A of the RA Minister of Health dated 27.01.2011





Acute hemolytic crisis, anemia (Hb-60g/l and less and the          number of RBCs =1.7x10դԱ/1 and less) (with complications and/or concomitant diseases)



Short-term medical care (1-3 days) completed / price per 1 day





Cost of paid hospital wards


Hospital ward

Price (AMD)



























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