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Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology

General characteristics

Department of Angiography and Interventional Cardiology of Erebouni Medical Center was founded in February 2003 and named after academician Bagrat Alekyan, who had a methodological assistance in the formation of this department.


This is constructed in accordance with international standard a modern high equipped department that performs twenty-four-hour patient’s reception, diagnostic and treatment on routine and emergency base. The department has all facilities for performance of non-invasive and invasive diagnostics and intervention procedures for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Angiography of the heart is a method of contrast X-ray examination of the heart and blood vessels, produced for diagnostic of vessels thrombosis as well as for the endovascular correction of the existing pathology.

Erebouni Medical Center: Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Clinic: Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology


During diagnostic heart and vessels catheterization is performed:



Determination of chest pain reasons and location of vessels' thrombosis if there is,

  Measurement of the oxygen concentration in intracardiac vessels blood - oximetry (assessment of hemodynamics),
  Measurement of intracardiac blood pressure,
  Cardiac tissue biopsy,
  Diagnostics of congenital anomalies (defects) of the heart
  Assessment of the contractile function of the heart;
  Evaluation of the heart valves;
  Contrast visualization of the aorta and peripheral vessels
  • angiography of the aorta and its branches,
  • angiography of carotid and intracranial arteries,
  • angiography of renal arteries,
  • angiography of the arteries of the uterus,
  • angiography of the arteries of the upper and lower extremities.



During intervention catheterization of heart and blood vessels in the department, the following therapeutic interventions are performed:


  • Balloon dilatation and stenting of coronary arteries,
  • Ablation in cardiac arrhythmias,
  • Stenting of stenotic peripheral artery, including renal artery,
  • Embolization of arteries feeding the tumor,
  • Embolization of the uterine arteries in myoma,
  • Closing of the defects in the septum of the heart and in great vessels.


Erebouni Medical Center: Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Clinic: Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology


Endovascular interventions are carried out with the use of sedation and they are painless. The main approach using in department is transradial access  - through the radial artery, which not only reduces the rate of local complications after interventions, but also more comfortable for the patient for recovery, self-services and performance point of views as well as for reducing the time of hospitalization.


The process of rehabilitation after cardiac catheterization usually takes a few hours. In case of endovascular interventions (angioplasty, stenting) the hospital stay may be extended up to 2-3 days, depending on the patient's condition.


In the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases of the patients the high quality medical equipment are used:



Clinical laboratory diagnosis with cardiac markers,

  Functional cardiovascular diagnostics.
  • Electrocardiography
  • Echocardiography
  • Doppler
  • Duplex scanning of vessels
  • X-ray diagnostics
  • Test with dosed physical load
  • 24 hour monitoring of heart rhythm
  Invasive diagnostic methods
  • Catheterization of heart and vascular
  • Contrast angiography, ventriculography
  • Electrophysiological studies of heart rhythm

Department is equipped with the latest generation of the Angiography Artis Biplane, Siemens. A technical facility of the equipment allows performing of complex intracardiac and intravascular interventions - angiography, stenting not only cardiac but also peripheral vessels and vessels of other organ systems.

Erebouni Medical Center: Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Clinic: Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology Erebouni Medical Center: Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Clinic: Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology

The entire set of cardio-monitor allows precise control of the patient's condition and the doctor's action.
The center recently acquired special cardio-reanimobile ambulances, which have no analogues in the country and which allows performing of diagnosis and provide medical care to patients with acute heart problems from the first minutes.

Main activities

The main priorities and activities of the Department of angiography and interventional cardiology are acute coronary disease. However, recently it is also introduced the practice of revascularisation of chronically occluded vessels and retrograd (through the collaterals) stenting of the vessels.


  • Acute coronary syndrome
  • Chronic obstruction of the coronary arteries
  • Embolization of various organs' artery in oncological patients


Merujan Saghatelyan, MD Merujan Saghatelyan, MD Write a letter Head of Department of Angiography and Intervention Cardiology interventional cardiologist
Shahen Torozyan Shahen Torozyan Write a letter cardiologist
Arsen Tsaturyan Arsen Tsaturyan Write a letter cardiologist


Education material for specialists


Education material for Patients


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