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Mammography department

General characteristics

 In the Mammography Department of MC Erebouni the early diagnostics of breast cancer is carried out. It enables timely treatment, saving lives of many women.Early diagnosis of breast cancer is facilitated by screening programs and regular examinations. Therefore the breast screening should undergo all women.





Screening of breast cancer is carried out by sonography or mammography, clinical examination and self-examination also play a certain role.


Mammography is an X-ray examination that has a low -dose radiation. The main advantage of the method is the early detection of breast cancer, including the smallest one (less than one centimeter) and unpalpable forms, which may indicate a small amount of calcium accumulation in the breast.


Mammography enables to detect breast cancer two years ago, before it becomes palpable. As is well known, timely diagnosis increases the efficacy of treatment and the percentage of organ preservation surgeries. The treatment of breast cancer detected at an early stage is more effective, as it has not yet caused adjacent tissues and metastasis. In this case, the surgeon does not have to perform such radical surgery as the whole organ removal, a mastectomy.




According to accepted guidelines, women aged 35-50 must undergo regular mammography every two years, and over 50 years of age, regardless of complaints. Examinations can be done often if needed. In case of palpable nodes or formations, skin or nipples changes, nipple discharge, it is necessary to consult with mammologist to determine the tactics of examination.


Mammographic examination should be performed on the 5-12th day of the menstrual cycle, counted from the first day of menstrual cycle. In this period, the breasts are not tense, they are softer, and the mammography examination is not only less sensitive, but also more informative for the doctor. Mammography can be performed any day in case of menopause. There is no need to be specially prepared for this examination. Contraindications to mammography are pregnancy and breastfeeding.




The Breast Imaging & Mammography Department is equipped with digital Selenia Dimensions Mammography System from HOLOGIC, and also with specialized Toshiba Aplio 500 Sonography System. The Sonograph is equipped with function of flexography and MicroPure ensuring screening as well as diagnostic examination of breast, and also with biopsy attachment. Mammography shows the presence of formation, and the ultrasound makes diagnosis of the structure of this formation tissue.



Up to 35 years in female mammary gland prevails the glandular tissue; therefore the ultrasound examination is more informative. At this case the mammography is considered as an additional examination. At the age older of 40 the mammographic examination becomes first and foremost; and as an additional examination would be considered the ultrasound examination. Mammography and ultrasound examination of the breast in complex give the opportunity of more detailed examination, which allows visualizing even insignificant changes in the mammary glands with the accuracy up to 95 %, that could be impossible in condition of this examination method separate use.

Main activities

The main direction of the activities of the Department is complex early diagnostics of the breast cancer in the preclinical stage.

Diagnostic mammography
includes the diagnostics of benign tumors, malignant tumors of mammary glands, benign disease of mammary glands (mastopathy, mastitis) etc.


In its work the Department uses international protocols of screening mammography by American College of Radiology and European Radiology Association Guidelines for screening mammography

Lilit Sahakyan Lilit Sahakyan Write a letter radiologist
Ani Ghabuzyan Ani Ghabuzyan Write a letter radiologist

- Chair of Radiology Diagnostics for postgraduate and continuous medical education of Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi

The staff, performing academic activity
Assistent Professor – Akopyan Lusine

The number of students per year and their level of education
 There are about 40  radiologists per year passing their training
-  Post-graduate training,
-  Clinical Residency


Education material for specialists


Education material for Patients


Price list


Mammography department  
  Medical care and service  Price (AMD)  
  Breast sonography  10.000  
  Complex breast examination – sonography and mammography 15.000   
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