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General characteristics

Department of Otorhinolaryngology of MC Erebouni was founded on the initiative of RA Ministry of Health (Minister - prof. Ara Babloyan) President UMAF Paris D. Abgaryan, Professor A.M. Kushkyan, Professor Yeghia-Noel Garabedian (Head of ENT clinics in hospitals and Trousseau Necker in Paris) and under the support of Sh Aznavur - "SOS-Armenia" Foundation.

Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT DepartmentThe combination of modern technology at the Department with continuous expansion of knowledge of the specialists can effectively cover the treatment of the whole range of ENT diseases.

Much attention is paid to the integrated functional diagnostics of ENT pathologies. The proper and timely diagnostics allows avoiding of postoperative complications, unnecessary surgical interventions.

In the department of ENT the planned surgical intervention of the patients with pathology of the nasal cavity, sinuses, pharynx and larynx are performed alongside with emergency cases that provided in the round-the-clock manner..

The surgical intervention is carried out with the use of modern methodology and often the minimally invasive techniques. Endoscopic intervention in the treatment of diseases of the nose, sinuses, larynx and pharynx, microsurgical hearing aid and sanitizing operations in the ear, sanitizing operations in inflammatory processes of the ENT organs and the neck area, functional surgery for facial injuries, surgical treatment of cancer in the upper respiratory tract, treatment of purulent diseases of ENT organs carried out in accordance with the newest medical technologies, providing a minimum of trauma during the surgical intervention and rapid postoperative recovery of patients.

Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT DepartmentIn recent years, the ENT Department of MC Erebouni fruitfully continued international cooperation with leading clinics in Europe, Asia and America. The founder of the clinic - Prof. E-H. Garabedian since its foundation to the present time promotes the implementation in Armenia many modern methods of research, diagnosis and treatment. The specialists from the Department often pass their training and specialization at the leading by Prof. E-H. Garabedian clinics (ENT clinics at the hospitals Trousseau Necker in Paris).

Since 2004 thanks to the joint program with UCLA under the management of leading UCLA ottosurgeon specialist Akira Ishiyama, as well as with the participation of the AIM Foundation, leded by Salbi Agarakyan the cochlear implantation program was introduced in Armenia. So far, in the ENT department was performed cochlear implantation surgery for 96 patients, 17of which were adults, other children. Operated children talk, go to school. Results of performed surgery in line with international indexеs.

Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT DepartmentAccording to the State Program approved in 2008 Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia (Minister - prof.A.M. Kushkian) the audio screening of newborns is performed at the maternity hospitals in Yerevan within their first 48-72 hours of life. In case of deviations from normal hearing indexes the child is involved in a program of follow-up and examined at 3 and 6 months of life. After the formulation of a diagnosis within 6 months of rehabilitation work begins with a small patient.

The further development of these programs has greatly contributed by the staff of hospitals and medical centers, led by prof. E-H. Garabedian and prof. GA Tavartkiladze. The specialists from ENT Department of Erebouni MC periodically pass specialization (topical issues of cochlear implantation and hearing screening of newborns) at the Russian Research Center for Audiology and Hearing Aids of Federal Medical-Biological Agency of the Russian Federation under the leadership of prof. G.A.Tavartkiladze. In 2012 Prof. E.-N. Garabedyan and G.A.Tavartkiladze had been elected Honorary Doctor of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. At the initiative of prof. GA Tavartkiladze it was gifted a set of modern equipment for cochlear implants to the Armenian cochlear center, as well as was created Armenian branch of the International Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.


Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT Department

At the Department is introduced a wide range of surgical procedures that can cure almost any pathology of the auditory and vestibular apparatus, including congenital abnormalities of outer and middle ear, as well as benign vascular tumors of the tympanum. Careful preoperative patient preparation and highly qualified anesthesia allows minimizing the number of postoperative complications.

In the superbly equipped operating room, with the cutting-edge laser and endoscopic equipment specialists of the department performs the following interventions:


  •   Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT Department
      Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT Department
    endoscopic surgery of sinus (FESS - functional endoscopic sinus surgery);
  • removal of nasal polyps and larynx;
  • turbinotomy (removal of the nasal turbinates);
  • endoscopic vasotomy of inferior turbinates;
  • radio frequency reduction and electrocoagulation turbinates;
  • correction of a deviated nasal septum;
  • adenoidectomy (removal of the adenoid vegetations);
  • tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils);
  • plastic of vocal cords;
  • correction of congenital defects such as "cleft palate", "harelip";
  • bypass of the tympanic cavity;
  • cochlear implantation;
  • reconstruction of the eardrum (myringoplasty);
  • Tympanoplasty with microsurgical prostheses;
  • mastoidectomy;
  • surgery in pathology (including oncological) of the thyroid gland;
  • parathyroidectomy (removal of the parathyroid glands);
  • sialoectomy;
  • cervical lymph node dissection, etc.

The specialists of the Department provides advice to patients in difficult to diagnose cases in outpatient clinic, as well as follow up the patients after discharge from the ENT department.

To optimize the work of the ENT department during complex surgical procedures due to multidisciplinary profile of MC Erebouni it is possible to organize simultaneous performance of various surgical specialists in one surgical team (otolaryngologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialists).

ENT Department is the main base of ENT Chair of Yerevan State Medical University. There are organized the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education, specialization and research activity of ENT specialists from Armenia and other countries.


Медперсонал отделения постоянно проходит усовершенствование в лучших клиниках Франции, Германии, России, США, осуществляет ряд совместных научно-исследовательских программ.


Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT Department Erebouni Medical Center:  ENT Department



The department provides the treatment of many patients with ENT pathology, with a number of modern methods of diagnosis:


  • impedancemetry,
  • tympanometry
  • otoemission,
  • activated audio potentials (AAP)
  • fibroscopy (rhinopharingolaringoscopy)
  • otomicroscopy,
  • US sinuses.
  • Rhinomanometry
  • radio frequency reduction of inferior turbinates, soft palate, tonsils, uvula, tongue root


Main activities

Basic surgical areas:

  • hearing restore surger
  • tympanoplasty,
  • stapedoplasty,
  • endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses,
  • endolaryngeal microsurgical intervention
  • Phonosurgery,
  • plastic surgery: rhinoplasty, plastics of ear, plastics of soft and hard palate, deformities and correction of congenital and acquired defects of the face and neck.
Artur Shuquryan, MD Artur Shuquryan, MD Write a letter Head of ENT Department ENT specialist Grand PhD (d.m.s.) Professor
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Armen Ohanyan Armen Ohanyan Write a letter ENT specialist
Armine Martirosyan Armine Martirosyan Write a letter ENT specialist
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Lusine Dalaryan Write a letter logopedist
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Sergey Manasyan Sergey Manasyan Write a letter ENT specialist
Varsenik Hovhannisyan Varsenik Hovhannisyan Write a letter ENT specialist
Tatevik Gareginyan Tatevik Gareginyan Write a letter ENT specialist

ENT Department is a major clinical base of the Chair of ENT of Yerevan State Medical University, where the students pass their education in bachelor's and master. Here are a specialization in ENT clinical interns and graduate students. The department also carries out post-graduate training and continuing medical education.

Chairs of ENT

Employees engaged in teaching activities
- Head of the Chair of Otorhinolaryngology of YSMU, Professor A. K Shukuryan MD, PhD

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