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Naira Aghababyan Naira Aghababyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
1990-1996         Yerevan State Medical University

First Moscow State Medical University after Sechenov (traineeship)


National Institutes of Health “Current issues of Obstetrics and Gynecology” postgraduate courses


Yerevan State Medical University “Fundamentals of emergency care in gynecology” postgraduate courses

      Professional Career

1998-up to now           


" Erebouni" medical center Obstetrics gynecologist

      Professional Skills

Consulting pregnants, women and girls

      Prenatal care 
      Treatment of high risk pregnant women
      Labor and delivery management
      Postpartum care and treatment
      Assistance during operations
      Treatment of gynecological diseases 
      Various obstetrician-gynecological manipulation
      Foreighn language skills

Russian-excellent, English-good

      Computer skills
      Microsoft office, Advanced Internet searching skills   


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