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Shushan Ananyan Shushan Ananyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist

YSMU general medicine degree 

1995     Medical internship degree of obstetrics and gynecology 
1996     Fellowship of Women Reproductive health center “Erebouni” 
      Professional career

1996-up to now  

    Erebouni Medical Center Center of Women Reproductive Health Care Doctor Obstetrician-Gynecologist 
18.07-30.07 1998     International Clinical Education and Observation at UCLA Medical Enterprise
1999     December/ Training Skills in Modern Contraceptive Methods and Quality Customers Service
October 1999     Counseling and Family Planning for Clinical Trainer – John Hopkins University
06.07-08.07 1999     Intervention and Prevention of Domestic Violence
29.11-01.12 2000     Adolescent –At-Risk workshop A.I.H.A
19.08-30.08 2000     Adolescent- At- Risk study tour A.I.H.A
13.03 2014     “The New Technologies of Ultrasound Diagnostics”
17.03 2014     Certificate of attendance THE 11-13 Week Scan “Fetal Medicine Foundation”
27.03-28.03 2014     Ultrasound Diagnostics of Fetal Cardiovascular System-“Siemens health center”
      Professional Skills


Prenatal Care, Operative and Conservative Gynecology, Ultrasound Diagnostics, Lamaz Technique

      Membership in professional associations
      National Association Of Reproductive Gynecology of Armenia

Foreighn language skills


Armenian, Russian, English, French                                                                              


Computer skills

      Microsoft office, Advanced Internet searching skills   


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