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The number of heart attacks among young people in Armenia increases

The number of heart attacks among young people in Armenia increases

"The first news" TV canal had discussed with the chief cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of Armenia Professor Hamlet Hayrapetyan:


–   If tere is rejuvenation of cardiovascular diseases? What statistics do you have for this year? What work is being done on prevention, treatment, and urgent intervention in cardiovascular diseases?


–   Cardiovascular diseases remains the leading cause of mortality in Armenia and make almost half of the deaths. Therefore the question of the prevention and treatment of these diseases are very actual for today.


In recent decades there has been a rejuvenation of cardiovascular disease. This is due to several factors: first of all it is social conditions and stress of 1990s. Definitely there are other such factors as imbalanced diet, lifestyle, and not healthy attitude of people to preserve their health.


I can say that the most acute form of ischemic heart disease the myocardial infarction is rejuvenated. It is an indisputable fact. The age of a lot of patients varied from 20 to 40 years. I think that state's support and sponsorship program for stenting or open heart surgery, which had been performed during last decade for such a patients has significantly reduced not only number of cardiovascular patients but also the degree of invalidisation from heart disease.





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