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The Department of  Chemotherapy recently had been created at Erebouni MC

The Department of Chemotherapy recently had been created at Erebouni MC

In all over the world day by day is increasing the number of oncological diseases, which ranked the 2nd  after cardiovascular diseases. The most common methods of cancer treatment are: surgical intervention, chemotherapy   and radiotherapy. Due to this approach, it becomes obvious the victory over the disease. Recently had been created the opening of Chemotherapy Department under the management of Dr. Haykuhi Gekchyan-Kzhdryan (MD.,PhD., Chief chemotherapist at MH RA).


The chemotherapy and target-therapy are carried out in the department in accordance to guidelines and evidence-based medicine (ESMO, NCCN). The diagnostics is carried out on the base of endoscopic, radiation, radiology, immune-histo-chemical and genetic tests, as well as biopsies and others. Particularly important place holds the accompanying therapeutic areas, which are focused on mitigation of complications, arising as a result of chemotherapy and preventing their occurrence.


Chemotherapy is carried out by the method of infusion pumps, regulating the amount and speed of administered drug. In case of necessity for a long-term therapy course port-a-cath is placed, which gives the access to the central venous system and the ability to distribute the drug throughout the body without repeated peripheral injections.


The Department of Chemotherapy is provided to be equipped with   Paxman cooling cap device that with the help of frozen silicone liquid gel freezes the scalp during chemotherapy and prevents 70-80% loss of hair and its consequences.


Chemotherapy drugs dissolve in a liquid and prepare for injections in the special procedure room, where sterility and corresponding fume hood are provided.


In Oncology Department is provided the treatment for the patients with solid tumor:


  •  A CNS tumors
  •  Maxillofacial
  •  Mammary tumors
  •  Lung
  •  GIST(gastrointestinal system)
  •  Urogenital system
  •  Gynecologic
  •  Germ cell
  •  Bone
  •  Soft tissue
  •  Melanoma
  •  Neuroendocrine tumors

Tactics and strategy of the treatment of tumors are chosen in accordance with European and American protocols, processed and presented by us on the website www.

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