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Steel rod passed through the abdomen!

Steel rod passed through the abdomen!


Patient A.V., 1957 y/b has admitted to Clinic of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine MC Erebouni in 21.06.2016 with the steel rod that has passed through the abdomen in result of an accident. The patient was given first aid and then he was urgently transferred to the operating room.


Under supervision of the Chief surgeon of General and Laparoscopic Surgery Department Dr S. Saaryan a unique surgery on removal of the steel rod from abdomen was carried out: midline laparotomy, revision of abdominal organs, removal of steel rod, stitching of injured small bowel and small bowel mesentery, primary  surgical treatment of wounds (debridement), restoration of damaged  muscles integrity and fascia of anterior abdominal wall and drainage of wounds. The surgical intervention was successful. The condition of the patient was stable.


Penetrating wounds in abdomen are classified as severe and usually accompanied by high level of mortality and complications. However, due to the high professionalism and multidisciplinary approach of the specialists of MC Erebouni it was possible not only to save the life of the patient, but also avoid a number of intra and post-operative complications.

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