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Abdominoplasty. Regaining the former beauty

Abdominoplasty. Regaining the former beauty

Abdominoplasty - is a surgery, which is aimed at  restoration of the anterior abdomen contours. Generally, such kind of surgeries are performed in the patients with sagging skin and fat “apron” after total weight lose or postpartum sagging belly.

In October 2015, US citizen, A.M., 77-year-old, Armenian by origin, appealed to MC Erebouni with complaints of sagging of the anterior abdominal wall and discomfort when moving. ” Please, regain my former beauty and youth!”- was the patient`s request.


After preliminary clinical and laboratory examinations, the patient was suggested the plastic surgery repair of anterior abdominal wall.


In October 2015 under the supervision  of plastic surgeon Dr. Hayrapetyan E.L., and anesthesiologist Dr.Varosyan A. the surgery with  abdominoplasty was performed: duplication of musculus rectus abdominis, skin and fat “apron” was removed.


Post–operative period went smoothly. The patient was discharged on the 4th day in satisfactory condition.


The patient returned to the United States and recently has been at routine follow-up exam. One year after intervention he was in a good physical condition.


Abdominoplasty is performed, mainly, in young patients.The specific feature of the described case is that such kind of surgery was carried out to an elderly man (77-years –old) and had a positive result.

The patient has had the opportunity to regain his former youth and continue his healthy lifestyle.



The plastic surgery in Armenia has great achievement during last year. In MC Erebouni this sphere in surgery provides full range of services in the field and is popular among the population due to professional hands of plastic surgeons, who give  people  beauty and youth .

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