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We want to be beautiful!

We want to be beautiful!

For the first time in Armenia in Aesthetic & Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Erebouni MC under the supervision of Dr Hayrapetyan A.D. (MD., PhD) have been implemented and successfully used a new facial rejuvenation technology Nano Fat Grafting or Micro-lipo-filing.


Nanotechnologies in plastic surgery are becoming an object of a special interest, since the use of fatty nanoparticles today opens a new enormous potential for skin rejuvenation. A procedure is minimal invasive with minimal traumatism and discomfort to the patient. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Micro-lipofiling is perfectly combined with the lipofiling and improving recent results.


Nano-lipolifting is the method, which allows introducing greater number of stem cells, than in usual procedure of lipolifting. It allows obtaining significantly more rejuvenating effect for the face skin.


The results of fat cells injections into the skin surface of the face are more durable than injections of hyaluronic acid.


We want to be beautiful!   We want to be beautiful!


Nano-lipolifting allows correcting external skin imperfections, reducing deformation of the face and smoothing out the wrinkles, without the need of more traumatic procedures, as deep peeling, laser resurfacing or injections of synthetic products for smoothing out the wrinkles. 


“Nanolipolifting is a great alternative to synthetic products and provides a long-term results”- said Dr Hayrapetyan, wishing everyone good health and beauty.

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