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Carotid artery stenting.- an  alternative to open surgery

Carotid artery stenting.- an alternative to open surgery

A 59-year-old patient A.K. at the beginning of October 2016 has admitted to MC Erebouni because of distortion the left half of the face, which had appeared 4 days before. Brain MRI identified the cerebral ischemic injury area in the right hemisphere of the brain, in the middle cerebral artery (MCA) pool.


In 05.10.16 the patient was conducted diagnostic cerebral artery angiography, which revealed critical stenosis in the area of the right internal carotid artery bulb. Consequently, the thrombus was formed in the artery, which led to the embolization of MCA and development of the ischemic stroke. In order to avoid repeating of ischemic cerebral injury, it was decided to perform a surgery.


In 06.10.16 under the management of Head of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery Service –Dr. David Sahakyan, the patient A.K. under the local anesthesia was carried out the surgery that last 2 hours: balloon angioplasty and the right internal carotid artery stenting (cervical part).


Post-operative period was uneventful; the patient was discharged on the next day after the surgery without complaint.


The advantage of angioplasty method is the absence of necessity in general anesthesia or in incision of tissues and walls of the vessel, which make it less traumatic and enables rapid postoperative recovery (the patient can be discharged on the second day after the surgery).


Carotid stenting in patient with atherosclerotic lesions and stenosis is a less traumatic good alternative to open surgery - carotid endarterectomy, especially in case of concomitant diseases that increases the risk of the open surgeries.

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