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“Health begins with prevention”

“Health begins with prevention”

On 5 September , 2017 in conference hall of “Metropol” hotel in Yerevan the 6th conference was held, organized by the public organization “ Hospital epidermologist”, where Research and Production centre “ Micromir” was presented .


In 2007 on the basis of the clinical centre of Erebouni “Hospital epidermologist” Association was founded.


The development and furtherance of the Association activity allowed, with the support of professor A.M. Kushkyan , in 2011 to establish, one of its kind, the “ Scientific and Practical Center of Clinical Epidermology”. President of Association, Deputy Director General of MC Erebouni for clinical epidermology, Director of “Micromir – Armenia”, Anahit Sargsyan, MD, made a welcoming speech, in which she noted the importance of this event.





Research and Production Centre “ Micromir” was founded in 2009.


The main target of company – is not only to develop effective antibacterials, but also assist in the promotion of bacteriophage in an era, when more and more studies speak about the decline of the era of antibiotics. An interesting presentations were made by A. U. Zurabov ,PhD in Economics, General Director of Research and Production Centre “ Micromir”; E.L. Jilenkov , PhD in Biological Sciences, Deputy General Director of Research and Production Centre “Micromir”; Prof. S.B. Mosikhin, MD.







Considering the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, today the special group of agents is of great interest- bacteriophages and biological viruses. The active substitution of antibiotics by phage drugs in situations where the use of the latter does not seem reasonable, will dramatically reduce the risk and incidence of antibiotic resistance.


Phages can be used where you can still do without antibiotics, which continued to be prescribed, since there was no alternative. Phages can be used as a first choice. In clinical practice, there are certain situations, when antibiotics remain the main and even the only treatment for a doctor , as well as a scalpel for a surgeon. It seems important only (as in the case of a scalpel) that antibiotics should not be the first choice drugs.


Progressive resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is not the only reason to seek new ways of treating infectious diseases. Another important reason has become the change of ideas about the relationship between man and bacteria . In place of the outdated paradigm "The human body must be sterile" and the thesis "In the treatment of infectious diseases, the main thing is to destroy the pathogen" came a concept based on modern data about microbiome, according to which a person, in principle, can not exist without bacteria.


The concept of environmental impact on human microbiome for returning it to a balanced state underlies the activity of the Research and Production Centre "Mikromir", and interest in new health-saving technologies is a visiting card of MC Erebouni.



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