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Migraine treatment is a reality!

Migraine treatment is a reality!

 Since August 2017 in The Service of Neck and Heart Vascular surgery of MC Erebouni migraine surgery is performed. Surgeries that have been carried out abroad for more than 20 years, are already successfully performed in our republic.


Head of neck vessel surgery and stroke prevention unit of MC Erebouni Dr. Mesrop Shatakhyan, MD has carried out a number of such interventions, and has proven, that only surgical method of migraine treatment allows to eradicate the cause of disease, because most patients, suffering from migraine, are resistant to drug therapy.


“For a better surgical outcome, a thorough diagnosis of migraine is necessary, which can only be carried out by deactivating the trigger points of the patient in order to anesthetize them. The effect of getting rid of pains after diagnostic deactivation is observed in most patients and lasts 2-3 months. With a good result of anesthesia successful outcome of surgery with the disappearance of migraine attacks is realistic by 90-100%”- noted Dr. M. Shatakhyan.


According to the surgeon, some patients have to be operated from 8 -10 trigger points at one-stage. Usually the patient is discharged the next day after the surgery.


 According to the world literature the duration of period without pain after the surgery is estimated for many years. It is encouraging to note, that nowadays it has become possible to be treated from this disease, which is extremely common in any population, and is a major cause for the deterioration of the quality of life and working capacity of population.


 The Service of Neck and Heart Vascular surgery of MC Erebouni directed by Dr. Mesrop Shatakhyan, MD., successfully copes with such a serious pathology, performing the full range of open surgical interventions for migraine surgery.


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