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Conference -discussion on the spread of coronavirus

Conference -discussion on the spread of coronavirus

Fourth conference held over the last month in MC Erebouni on coronavirus spread in China and prevention other airborne infections. The goal is to raise awareness among health care providers. Taking into consideration the global epidemiological situation, Dr. Anahit Sargsyan, Deputy Director on Epidemiology of MC Erebouni, presented the situation to the colleagues as well as the agenda of possible measures to fight the infections.

Special attention was paid to the sequence of general prevention measures.


Anahit Sargsyan reported that coronavirus mostly infects the respiratory system and is carried out in mild, moderate and severe forms. She presented doctors international guidelines for the management of patients with suspected coronavirus.


During the discussion, Dr. Anahit Sargsyan once again singled out daily measures of medical centre for the prevention of airborne infections.


Since the beginning of the year, by the order of Michael Manukyan, Executive Director of MC Erebouni, alertness for patients with all respiratory diseases has been increased both in all departments of the MC and in the Maternity Clinic. Heads of all departments are instructed to provide daily information on hospitalized patients with influenza, acute respiratory diseases, and their complications.

In addition, patient visits are restricted for safety reasons.

Summing up the discussions, Dr. Anahit Sargsyan urged the collegues to strictly monitor the full performance of epidemic activities and to cooperate closely with the epidemiological service. 

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