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Large cyst containing 20 l of fluid was removed in MC Erebouni.

Large cyst containing 20 l of fluid was removed in MC Erebouni.

22-year-old girl came to MC Erebouni with complaints of increased abdominal size.

After the examination by the doctor of the Gynecology Department of the Maternity Clinic Shake Khachatryan, MRI and ultrasound examinations of the abdominal cavity and pelvis, as well as tumor markers for ovarian cancer were performed.

A large paraovarian cyst was diagnosed in the area of the appendages of the right ovary, which was located in the pelvic cavity, reaching the stomach, and containing 20 liters of fluid. The left ovarian dermoid cyst was found. The size of the cyst and abdomen could be compared to the weight of a 4 kg fetus at 40 weeks of pregnancy.

The Director of the Maternity Clinic Dr  Andranik Poghosyan, taking into account the age of the girl, performed an organ-preserving surgery , giving her the opportunity to live a healthy and safe life in the future, the opportunity to become a mother.

The surgery went smoothly: all the cysts were removed, and the ovaries were preserved. The patient was discharged on the 4th day after the surgery without any complications or health problems. She is continuously monitored by doctors.

The surgery was performed by a team of gynecologists under the guidance of Dr. Andranik Poghosyan, with the participation of the head of the ICU of the Maternity Clinic Dr. Lusine Danielyan.

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