Erebouni Medical Center


Medical Specialists' Board

Head of Maxillo-Facial Surgery Department Ara Hayrapetyan MD Ara Hayrapetyan MD PhD (maxillofacial surgeon) Head of coloproctology Department Karen Shahnazaryan MD Karen Shahnazaryan MD PhD (c.m.s.) (Proctologist) Head of Department of Vertebral Surgery Karapet Momjyan, MD Karapet Momjyan, MD (orthopedist - vertebrologist)
Head of Department of Cardiopulmonary Pathology Hasmik Saiyan Hasmik Saiyan PhD (c.m.s.) (therapist) Head of Newborn (and Neonatal Care) Department of Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni Pavel Mazmanyan Pavel Mazmanyan (Neonatologist) Head of Neurology Department Karine Israelyan, MD Karine Israelyan, MD (nephrologist)
Head of department of endocrine surgery Levon Mkhitaryan MD Levon Mkhitaryan MD (endocrine surgeon) Head of Minimally Invasive Surgery Department Tigran Mesropyan MD Tigran Mesropyan MD (surgery) Head of Hemodialysis Department Martin Kuzikyan, MD Martin Kuzikyan, MD (Specialist of hemodialysis)
Head of Intensive Care Unit Armen Muradyan, MD Armen Muradyan, MD Head of Neurology Department Nune Yeghiazaryan, MD Nune Yeghiazaryan, MD (neurologist) Head of Department Artur Khachikyan, MD Artur Khachikyan, MD (neurosurgeon)
Head of Mammography & Complex Breast Imaging Department Lusine Hakobyan, MD Lusine Hakobyan, MD (radiologist) Head of Department of Epilepsy Tatyana Stepanyan, MD Tatyana Stepanyan, MD (epileptologist) Head of Department of High Risk Pregnancy Edita Gharibyan MD Edita Gharibyan MD (obstetrician-gynecologist)
The head of emergency services Tigran Khudaverdyan MD Tigran Khudaverdyan MD (ENT specialist) Head of General & Thoracic Surgery Department Ara Vardanyan MD Ara Vardanyan MD MD (surgeon) Head of Admission Department Armine Sanamyan Armine Sanamyan (endocrinologist)
Head of Oncology Department , Chief Oncologist of Yerevan Dr. Haykuhi Geokchyan Dr. Haykuhi Geokchyan MD, PhD, Head of Blood Bank Anaida Navasardyan Anaida Navasardyan Head of Service of Neuromuscular Disorders Treatment Armine Kteyan Armine Kteyan MD (neurologist)
Head of Hard healing wound and lymphedema treatment service Mher Margaryan Mher Margaryan (Vascular surgeon) Nerses   Beberyan Nerses Beberyan
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