Erebouni Medical Center


Medical Specialists' Board

Head of ENT Department Gegham Khandanyan Gegham Khandanyan (ENT specialist) Head of Maternity and Postpartum Unit Tigran Hovhannisyan Tigran Hovhannisyan (obstetrician-gynecologist) Head of Surgery Clinic Hovhannes Sarukhanyan, MD Academician, Professor Hovhannes Sarukhanyan, MD Grand PhD
Scientific and practical Head of the intensive care unit Anatoliy Gnuni MD Anatoliy Gnuni MD (Anesthesiologist-reanimatologist) Head of Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics Suren Petrosyan, MD Suren Petrosyan, MD (radiologist) Director of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery Services Hamlet Hayrapetyan, MD, PhD Professor Hamlet Hayrapetyan, MD, PhD Grand PhD (d.m.s.) (cardiologist)
Head of Urology Clinic Sergey Fanarjyan, MD Professor Sergey Fanarjyan, MD Grand PhD (d.m.s.) (urologist) Head of General & Laparoscopic Surgery Department Yuri Harutyunyan MD Professor Yuri Harutyunyan MD Grand PhD (d.m.s.) (surgery) Head of neck vessel surgery and stroke prevention unit Mesrop Shatakhyan, MD Mesrop Shatakhyan, MD (heart surgeon)
Head of Laboratory Service Tamara Galstyan, MD Tamara Galstyan, MD c.b.s. (biochemist) Head of Center for Women's Reproductive Health Karine Sargsyan MD Karine Sargsyan MD (obstetrician-gynecologist) Scientific Director of Computed Tomography Department Arshak Zohrabyan, MD professor Arshak Zohrabyan, MD PhD, Grand PhD (radiologist)
Scientific Head of Intensive Care Unit Haroutyun Mangoyan MD, Ph.D. Haroutyun Mangoyan MD, Ph.D. (Anesthesiologist-reanimatologist) Head of Department of Neurosurgery Mamikon Eghunyan MD professor Mamikon Eghunyan MD PhD, Grand PhD (d. m. s) (neurosurgeon) Head of Department of Gynecology Ripsime Mokacyan MD Professor Ripsime Mokacyan MD Grand PhD (d.m.s.) (gynecologist)
Head of Endocrinology Department Eliza Hayrapetyan Associate Professor Eliza Hayrapetyan MD,PhD (endocrinologist) Head of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Department Armen Hovhannisyan, MD Associate Professor Armen Hovhannisyan, MD (plastic surgeon) Head of Sroke Center Davit Sahakyan, MD Davit Sahakyan, MD (neurosurgeon)
Head of Vascular and Laser Surgery Department Aram Badalyan MD Aram Badalyan MD PH.D. (angiologist) Head of the Center of Hemodialysis, Chief specialist of hemodialysis of RA Gagik Papikyan, MD Gagik Papikyan, MD (Specialist of hemodialysis) Head of Rheumatology Department Armine Haroyan MD Associate Professor Armine Haroyan MD PhD (rheumatologist)
Head of General & Thoracic Surgery Clinic Artak Hovhannisyan, MD Professor Artak Hovhannisyan, MD Grand PhD Head of Gastroenterology Department Ani  Kocharyan, MD Ani Kocharyan, MD PhD (gastroenterologist) Head of Anesthesiology Department Levon Gabrielyan, MD Levon Gabrielyan, MD (anesthesiologist)
Head of Department of Angiography and Intervention Cardiology Merujan Saghatelyan, MD Merujan Saghatelyan, MD (interventional cardiologist) Head of Electrophysiology & Intervention Arrhythmology Department Mihran Martirosyan,  MD, PhD Mihran Martirosyan, MD, PhD (arrhythmologist - electrophysiologist) Head of department of Traumatology and Orthopedics Vigen Margaryan MD Vigen Margaryan MD PH.D. (orthopaedist)
Head of Maxillo-Facial Surgery Department Ara Hayrapetyan MD Ara Hayrapetyan MD Ph.D (maxillofacial surgeon) Head of coloproctology Department Karen Shahnazaryan MD Karen Shahnazaryan MD PhD (c.m.s.) (Proctologist) Head of Department of Vertebral Surgery Karapet Momjyan, MD Karapet Momjyan, MD (orthopedist - vertebrologist)
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