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Emergency Medical Care and Ambulance Clinic

Clinic of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine provides emergency medical assistance, a complex of intensive care and resuscitation to surgical and therapeutic profile patients. The main objective of the clinic is acceptance of the patients and the implementation of urgent measures to restore and maintain the functions of vital organs and systems of patients. The clinic consists of integrated departments:

1.    Admission Department
2.    Ambulance Service
3.    Emergency
4.    Intensive Care Unit

Admission Department of the Erebouni MC consists of two divisions: routine and emergency, where patients receive:


  • the procedure planned hospitalization, toward outpatient clinics,
  • transfers from other medical institutions (in agreement with the administration), as well as the direction of the military enlistment office;
  • in the direction of the medical insurance company
  • for emergency and urgent care - delivered by a team of emergency medical care in acute diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • for self-treatment of the patient to the emergency department in the event of deterioration

Erebouni Medical Center: Emergency Ambulance Service Erebouni Medical Center: Department of Intensive Care

Emergency Ambulance Service of Erebouni Medical Center was established in cooperation with the Paris University Hospital Henri Mondor and meets the standards of French emergency medical services SAMU. 


New comfortable ambulances are equipped with all the necessary equipment for emergency medical and intensive care of patients at home and during transportation to the Center. Emergency medical care is carried out with the participation of leading specialists of Erebouni Medical Center. The ambulance service's everyday team consists of three specialists - general resuscitation, cardiology and general surgery. In case of necessity, in the ambulance service may be involved also narrow specialists from various departments of MC Erebouni.

When a patient admit to the emergency department of the clinic it is carried out:


  • provision of medical care with the further continuation of treatment at home;
  • transfer of the patient to a specialized unit or an intensive care unit for further examination and treatment;
  • transfer of the patient to the operating room for further surgical treatment.


The main activities of Emergency Care Department is the emergency medical care to patients with sudden acute diseases and conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases without overt signs of threats to the life of the patient. Emergency medical diagnostic and medical care is carried out both when patients appeals independently by oneself or by reference of outpatients clinics and when the patients delivered by ambulance teams that provides patients with multidisciplinary medical care at home and during transfer to the Center.


Department of Intensive Care of Medical Center Erebouni is a leader in Armenia providing expanded scope of highly qualified intensive therapy. This is the department of general profile resuscitation, where patients in critical condition regardless of their diagnosis can receive appropriate treatment. Annually more than 3000 patients enter in to the Deaprtment, from which around 25% are the patients that transffered from other hospitals.

All Departments of the Clinic of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine equipped and staffed with modern diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic equipment, which ensures the high quality of treatment of patients in critical condition. It is also provided the intensive care of the patients after major surgery, patients with decompensated systemic diseases, patients with multiple organ failure.


In the Departments of the clinic are working highly qualified specialists that have been trained in known clinics of the EU and the United States.


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