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Medical Insurance

The Medical Care in the frame of Medical Insurance

In the frame of the Medical Insurance the Erebouni Medical Center performing angiography, diagnostic and therapeutic procedure in neuroangeology, coronary artery stenting, implantation of pacemakers, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedic surgery and other profiles of surgery. Diagnostics and treatment are provided in accordance with the international standards with use of contemporary medical technologies.

The procedure for organization of Medical Care

In case of the planned visit, the patient should contact the Medical Insurance Service in advance and make appointment, then arrange visit to the Center.

In emergency cases  patient should contact directly Erebouni Medical Center. The patient has the full right to choose medical center in which he wants to be examined and treated.

Medical care in frame of social package

In accordance with the Order of the Government of the Republic of Armenia of 27 March 2014 under the number 375- Ն, the owners of the social package are able to obtain free of charge surgical and therapeutic treatment. In Erebouni Medical Center the owners of social package have the opportunity to obtain such kind of treatment as intravascular interventions, cardiac surgery, including coronary artery stenting, implantation of pacemakers, lithotripsy, other different type of surgical intervention and therapeutic treatment in the frame of nosology group  included in Medical Insurance package program.

The procedure of medical care organizing for the owners of social package

In case of patients' application to the Center in routinely they should submit:

  • Passport,
  • A certificate or a reference from the organization where he/she works regarding the ownership of social package,
  • The medical designation from the outpatient clinic  (form N1),
  • In the case of emergency the patient should apply directly to the Center, receives appropriate treatment and during treatment period provides all necessary documents.


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