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Timely qualitative and professional medical monitoring of pregnant women and the fetus, as well as competent management of child birth and postpartum period can prevent critical situations and it is the key to the health of mother and child.

Maternity Clinic of Erebouni MC has the highest III category and is a part of a multi-disciplinary hospital where observing a high-risk pregnant with various obstetrician-gynecological pathologies, as well as with the pathology of other organs and systems.

In high-tech equipped, comfortable and highly qualified Maternity Clinic registered more than 4,000 births per year; about 27,000 women a year receive inpatient treatment in the department of operative and conservative gynecology. Outpatient part of the Clinic serves about 200,000 women a year.

The Maternity Clinic includes:


  • Center for Women's Reproductive Health
  • Gynecology Department
  • High Risk Pregnancy Department
  • Maternity and Postpartum Unit
  • Department of Newborn
  • Department of anesthesiology and intensive care of Maternity Home

Erebouni Medical Center.  Maternity Clinic: Center for Women's Reproductive Health Erebouni Medical Center.  Maternity Clinic: Center for Women's Reproductive Health

The main direction of activities of the Center for Women's Reproductive Health is management of a group of high risk of pregnancy, prevention and early detection of precancerous lesions in women, infertility treatment, development and provision of educational programs for patients, family planning and others. Leading specialists of the center had passed their training and specialization in the universities of Harvard and California (USA), as well as Beth Israel Hospital (Boston). The Centre is working on protocols, developed in accordance of international standards.


In Gynecology Department the surgical and conservative treatment of gynecological diseases are provided. Conservative treatments are designed for the treatment of gynecological patients with endocrine disorders, gynecological inflammatory disease, infertility and miscarriage, and others. The department is carried out all relevant abdominal surgery. The high degree of skill and experience of department's specialists allow performing of complex laparoscopic surgery. The department developed unique methods of surgical interventions with conventional (laparotomy), vaginal and laparoscopic access. The department is equipped with modern endovideosurgical complex "Karl Storz" (Germany).


At High Risk Pregnancy Department is carried out the screening and treatment of pregnant with both obstetric and with extragenital pathology that usually makes about 10% of pregnant. Contemporary medical science has developed effective and successful methods for monitoring of pregnant and prevention of preterm birth and undesirable complications. Therefore, it is important to early detect and identify risk factors, thereby reducing the adverse effects and to achieve a safe delivery. On average, the department examines and treats about 2,000 pregnant a year. In recent years, there is a tendency to increase the number of high-risk pregnancy that had appealed to the department.

Erebouni Medical Center: Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit of the Maternity Clinic Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: High Risk Pregnancy Department

In the Maternity and Postpartum Unit of the Clinic the whole range of high-tech obstetric care, that combines tradition of the classic obstetrics with the latest perinatal technologies are provided. The department is equipped with modern equipment for monitoring of the health and condition of pregnant women and fetus. There are individual maternity rooms where the pregnant women stays during labor and the immediate postpartum period. In the maternity ward more than 4,000 deliveries per year are provided. During childbirth in department is given the different types of anesthesia in depend on the state of the mother and the fetus, as well as new approaches to childbirth of pregnant women at high risk are provided that allows avoiding different obstetric complications. For the purpose of pain relief in childbirth is widely used continuous epidural anesthesia, which has a high analgesic effect without any inhibition of delivery activities, or damage to the health of the mother or fetus. Epidural anesthesia is conducted by highly qualified anesthesiologists that are fluent in this technique.


Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit of the Maternity Clinic carries out the round- the-clock anesthesia and intensive care for pregnant women, women in childbirth and gynecological patients throughout Armenia on routine and emergency base. In the department are used all types of anesthesia (epidural, intravenous, mask anesthesia) in accordance with the indications. The specialists of the department are familiar with modern methods of local, general and regional anesthesia.


Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: Department of Newborns

The specialists of the Department of Newborns are caring for the healthy and premature newborn, as well as for patients who need intensive care. At the department is organized the joint stay of mother and newborns from the first minutes of life. It is also organized the training of mothers to skills for baby care and feeding.

In the departments of the Maternity Clinic are work highly qualified specialists that periodically pass training and specialization in leading maternity centers and gynecological clinics in Europe and the United States.

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