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Effects of ivabradine in patients with stable coronary artery disease without clinical heart failure. A randomized double – blind Placebo- controlled international multicenter study. Study assessing the morbi - mortality benefits of the If inhibitor Ivad


DATE – 2011 -2013

Name of the specialist – Hayrapetyan G.G.

Role – Principal Investigator
(SIGNIFY study, study protocol CL3-16257 - 083) – International multicenter  double –blind placebo-controlled research SIGNIFY (protocol of research CL3-16257 - 083), Scientific article in European Haert Journal 2014, lectures on the Congress of European Assosiation of Cardiology in Barcelona, 2014.

Jointly participating Organization – Servier Laboratories (France) (Gagik Velijanyan,

Result – effectiveness of ivabradine during the stable ischemic heart disease with safe fraction of the  left ventricle emission is not proved

Publications – scientific article in European Heart Journal, 2014

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