The brother of the hero Karen Avakian was born.


The 44-day war took from the Avagyans' their only son. He fought with friends and was immortalized, posthumously awarded a medal for Courage.

Some time after Karen's death, Nelly Avakian realized,if life goes on, then she needs to become a mother again. After confirming the pregnancy, she came to the Women's Health Center of MC Erebouni. So began Nelly's long journey in the Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni. The emotional state, experiences, and certain health problems of a pregnant woman constantly forced doctors to control the risks of threatening miscarriage, premature birth. With the doctors of the Department of Pregnancy Pathology, the pregnancy was brought to 36 weeks, after which the director of Maternity Clinic Dr. Andranik Poghosyan performed a cesarean section. The baby was born with a weight of just over 3 kg and a height of 47 cm.

His parents called him Karen again, as they say, Karen's name should be heard at home again. Nelly Avagyan dreams. let the baby be, like his heroic brother, brave and kind. For several days, Karen forced a smile to appear on the face of a mother who lost her son, now they have both hope and a desire to live.

The brother of the hero Karen Avakian was born.
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