Armenian doctor returns to his homeland.


Armenian doctor returns to his homeland.
Armenian doctor returns to his homeland.

Dr. Ara Vardanyan is one of those doctors who have chosen the path of return. He has worked in Moscow for many years, but decided it was time to use his knowledge and experience in his homeland. A well-known doctor now leads the General and Thoracic Surgery Department of MC Erebouni and the family tries to adapt to the life in Armenia. In Medical Center Ara Vardanyan got the opportunity to raise laparoscopic surgeries to a completely different level.

The patient is already under anesthesia, the surgeon takes the laparoscope, which is used in the leading medical clinics of the world. The surgery, which was still carried out by the open method, Dr. Ara Vardanyan performs only through a small incision. After 15 years of work in the leading clinics of Moscow, the well-known doctor returned to his homeland. The letter was sent to MC Erebouni and the reply didn`t take long. They called and told him that the management of the clinic expressed a desire to talk with him. The same evening the doctor bought the ticket for the plane.

* I was determined. My parents and my sister are also doctors. MC Erebouni is a multidisciplinary hospital, where I really can use my potential - says the surgeon.

Long - term desire to return home, immediately became a reality. Now he is the Head of General and Thoracic Surgery Department. Each day he admires by the professionalism of his colleagues. “There is only one difference compared to Moscow, the nurses in operating -room help the doctors with pleasure”. – he jokes. The desire is one: to raise laparoscopic surgeries to another level. For this purpose, all conditions have been created-from modern equipment to operating room conditions.

* All doctors have a desire to improve their knowledge, in particular, young doctors with great potential. For half a year we will achieve a higher level in the field of laparoscopic and traditional surgeries. We will do our best to provide qualitive and advanced health - care service by bringing laparoscopic surgeries up to 80 %. For 3-4 months we will try to achieve all this in our department, providing the population with more easily accessible and advanced health care - says the Head of General and Thoracic Surgery Department.

Now, looking back, he recognizes that after work in Moscow, the only place where he could and should work is this hospital.

* There were as well other proposals, however I decided to choose MC Erebouni. The management of the hospital, Mr. H. Kushkyan and Mr. M. Manukyan believed me. I decided I will work only under their guidance - says prominent surgeon.

The number of surgeries performed by the laparoscopic method is to be increased by the doctor from day to day. Here, under his supervision, will be performed all laparoscopic surgeries, which are already uncommon to carry out by open method all over the world. Only 3 small incisions will allow the patient after the most difficult cases to improve his health in a short time.

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