Dental Service


A new Dental Service has opened in MC Erebouni.

All dental services are provided here: therapeutic, orthodontic, orthopedic and surgical.

Treatment of all types of dental pathologies, aesthetic restoration, tartar removal, teeth whitening with high-quality and harmless substances is carried out.

The service also provides dental restoration, including aesthetic veneers, as well as the manufacture, splinting of movable and fixed structures, restoration of bite and curvature of dentition using braces and orthodontic oral devices.

Surgical dental interventions are performed in full range, from simple to the most complex dental surgeries: dental implantation, removal of jaw cysts, excision of the frenula of the oral cavity, removal of tumors of the oral cavity, bone-plastic interventions, orthognathic surgeries. As well as restoration of jawbone defects, growth of the jawbone, graft surgeries.

The specialists work on modern equipment and are highly qualified. Dental devices are equipped with an endoscopic system, micromotors of ultra-precise grinding, an ultrasonic scaler system for tartar removal.

All necessary surgical equipment is available.

Special attention is paid to the disinfection process. The disinfection room is equipped with high-quality materials that provide ideal conditions for sterilization.

Do not expect serious dental problems, visit specialists regularly and take care of your health.

Dental Service
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