Doctors of MC Erebouni in Artsakh saved the life of a 34-year-old man


Doctors of MC Erebouni in Artsakh saved the life of a 34-year-old man

The patient turned to the Republican medical center of Artsakh with symptoms of stroke: immobility of the left arm and leg, curvature of the left corner of the face. Immediately on the spot, all the necessary laboratory and instrumental examinations were carried out: an acute violation of cerebral circulation was diagnosed- an ischemic stroke.

A consultation of doctors was immediately convened to receive highly specialized advice. The patient's data was sent to the MC Erebouni.

The head of the Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery Service of MC Erebouni, Dr. David Sahakyan, immediately responded to save the patient's life.

The only way to avoid disability is mechanical removal of a blood clot - thrombectomy. There can be no second opinion! And since the patient's condition was extremely difficult for transportation to Armenia, as decided by the management of MC Erebouni, Dr. David Sahakyan and his team's doctors, Dr. Alex Petrosyan and David Margaryan, left for Artsakh.

Thrombectomy was performed in the Аngiography Department of the Republican medical center. From the first minutes of the surgery, the patient showed positive dynamics, in particular, he began to move his arm and leg.

The patient is currently in a medical center, and our Artsakh colleagues are monitoring his health. The patient's condition is stable.

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