Laparoscopic prostatectomy


In the Urology Department of MC Erebouni, closed laparoscopic surgeries are performed, which replace previously traditionally performed open surgeries. In prostate cancer, prostatectomy is also performed laparoscopically.

Currently, the head of the Urology Service, Dr.​ Sergey Fanarjyan, MD and the head of the Department Dr. Tigran Karapetyan are introducing new therapeutic and surgical techniques into the service, urologists of the department are constantly undergoing retraining in leading clinics of the world. Recently, a young doctor Arman Tsaturyan joined the team of urologists at the Erebouni MC, who in 2020-2022 worked as a urologist at the University Hospital of Patras in Greece, together with Greek colleagues performed laparoscopic surgeries. For Dr. Arman Tsaturyan, who has undergone multiple retraining in well-known clinics in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and several other countries, the experience gained over the years of work in Greece has been applied in his homeland.

Preserving the traditions of MC Erebouni, Dr. Arman Tsaturyan added new breath and opportunities, stressed the importance of teamwork during the surgeries.

The doctor performs urological laparoscopic surgeries, which give patients the opportunity to easily cope with the postoperative period.

Continuing the cooperation, the head of laparoscopic technologies of the European Association of Urology, Professor of the Patras University Clinic Dr. Panagiotis Kalidonis, recently visited Armenia, who together with Dr. Arman Tsaturyan performed the most complicated surgeries, prostatectomy -removal of the prostate by laparoscopic method at Erebouni MC.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men, which appears mainly after the age of 40, and prostate cancer ranks second on the statistical scale of mortality. It usually proceeds asymptomatically, and the man does not even suspect that he has cancer. And the doctor is mostly treated in the late stages of the disease when surgical interventions are no longer indicated. Doctors operate only in cases when they are convinced that the cancer has not spread.

It has long been known that laparoscopic surgeries have several advantages: patients are discharged from the medical center on the third day without serious postoperative problems and pain. The advantages of laparoscopic removal of the prostate are incomparably greater, and in terms of preserving the quality of life of a man are invaluable.





Laparoscopic prostatectomy
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