Insurance service of MC Erebouni is one of the leading services in Armenia


Insurance service of MC Erebouni is one of the leading services in Armenia

Insurance service of MC Erebouni is one of the leading services in Armenia. The number of people receiving medical insurance is increasing every month and it has a number of reasons: high professional quality, advanced equipment, high level organizational skills, 24 /7 service. Everything is done for the insured patient to receive not only proper medical care but also to arrange it in the shortest possible time.

The Insurance Service works with all Armenian and international insurance companies. Individuals who are covered by both social package and voluntary health insurance apply to get medical care.

One of the most important principles of the insurance system is speed, so the service works not only through the call center but also in all the electronic versions saving patient time. The patient may, for example, send his / her documents through the Viber app, receiving the same confirmation promptly and registering for consultation or examination.

Beneficiaries of social package of MC Erebouni can undergo the following outpatient examinations.

· Echocardiography

· Treadmill test

· Holter monitoring

· Mammogram

· Gastroscopy

· Radiography with Intravenous Contrast

· Colonoscopy

· Computed tomography (CT)

· Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT)

In the framework of insurance package, preventive medical care is paramount for the medical center, especially in terms of early detection of cancer. For that purpose, for beneficiaries of the social package, medical professionals and teachers, various actions are organized. In Mammography & Complex Breast Imaging Department, for about a year, there have been regular campaigns to detect breast cancer at an early stage, which is the main guarantee for the treatment of this oncological disease.

The same shorter terms for a social package or for a patient with voluntary medical insurance apply not only to preventive medical examination but also to hospitalization or scheduled surgeries. In these cases, the order stipulates that the insurance company may approve the application within two business days. However, medical care is usually arranged much earlier.

In emergency cases, not a second is lost. The patient does not waste time for any document formulation. All procedural issues are resolved only after the organization of medical care.

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