International congress of the European Society for CardioVascular and Endovascular


International congress of the European Society for CardioVascular and Endovascular
International congress of the European Society for CardioVascular and Endovascular

For the first time in Belgrad (Serbia) in 65th International congress of the European Society for CardioVascular and Endovascular Surgery, which was held from 21to 24 April in the most prestigious and inaccessible section- Vascular Cinema, were represented the results of the surgeries on single-stage simultaneous correction of pathologies of vertebral and carotid arteries (were represented the operative techniques and the results in many respects original methods of single-stage correction of pathologies of main arteries, feeding the brain, in order to prevent stroke in 26 patients) by the Head of Neck and Heart Vascular Surgery Department Dr. M. Shatakhyan ,MD.,PhD. This is the unique section, where with the help of videos are represented new implementations, researches, and also peculiarities of the operative techniques of surgical interventions.

It’s a great honor and responsibility to make an author presentation in the same section with such greats of European surgery Professors P.Kasprzak (Germany), M.Reijnen (Netherlands), S.Macdonald (Great Britain), who are the innovators in many fields of endovascular and open vascular surgery.

For providing the maximum assistance to the population, there is necessary the coordinated work between vascular surgeons, performing the given interventions and neurologists whom, as primary care, consult the patients most of all. The patients with ischemic strokes, transient attacks, symptoms of vertebrobasilar insufficiency must, without fail, be carried out investigations by the methods of CT- angiographies and Duplex scan of the neck and brain vessels. The congress aimed to establish interdisciplinary contacts among specialists, as the guarantee of the most efficient care to the patients.

International experience of performing single-stage open corrections of vertebral and carotid arteries is limited, however only such high –risk surgical interventions are able to provide maximum efficiency for preventing ischemic stroke. Our findings about single-stage correction of the two most important vessels, characterized by zero mortality and minimal complications, are compatible with the best results of the leading international clinics, where such interventions are performed on each vessel separately. It should be noted, that during these surgeries performed in our center, the patients stay in hospital for 1-2 days.

There is a great need for such kind of surgical interventions as in Armenia, so elsewhere in the world. According to the statistics for the stroke prevention only in Armenia every year need to be performed more than 2000 surgeries on the neck vessels (carotid artery surgeries). The surgical interventions performed on the neck vessels (carotid arteries) are one of the main factors increasing the lifespan of the population. It is always easier to carry out prevention intervention and avoid brain ischemia, than later on “heroically fight “ in the acute period of stroke.

The Service of Neck and Heart Vascular surgery of MC Erebouni is an absolute leader in Armenia on the number of arterial reconstructions on the neck vessels (up to 80 surgeries a year), which is surely not enough , considering the needs of the population in that interventions.

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