New emergency department


In order to make the work of Admission Department more efficient and comfortable, a structural change was made in MC Erebouni, a new Emergency Hospital was opened. The former Admission Department is separated from the main building of the medical center and is located in the former building of Polyclinic. Due to the increase in the number of patients, the formation of a new Emergency Hospital and Admission Department, which has no analogues in Armenia, has become an imperative for the MC Erebouni.

Unlike the former Admission Department, the ambulance freely drives up to a separate entrance. Effective use of spacious rooms allows you to immediately transfer the patient to the first hall of the new Emergency Hospital, as it is commonly called-triage center. The hall is equipped with all the necessary equipment for emergency medical care, monitors, artificial respiration devices, oxygen supply and other resuscitation systems. Now portable patient monitors are also used for the movement of patients.

The beds in the hall are multifunctional, again adapted both for the provision of proper medical care, examination of patients, and for safe and comfortable movement.

In the hall provided for first medical aid, sonographic examinations are carried out, samples are taken for laboratory analyses. Patients are not transferred to the diagnostic service of the medical center for other examinations. X-ray computer tomography are also installed in the new Admission Department. The 3rd SIEMENS Healtheners SOMATOM GO UP unloads the work of the Computed Tomography Service. Gynecological and general examination rooms, dressing rooms have been built for narrow specialists.

Those in need of surgery or longer follow-up after laboratory instrumental examinations are transferred to the second hall. The second hall is also equipped with complex systems for 24-hour patient monitoring.

Patients who have applied to MC Erebouni in cases of suspected myocardial infarction or heart attack are immediately transferred to the 2nd floor for coronary angiography or stenting, and in cases of suspected a stroke - for thrombectomy. If surgery is necessary, patients are again urgently transferred to the 3rd floor in the operating unit. If surgeries are carried out at night, patients return to the second hall, remain under the supervision of doctors for several hours and are transferred to the appropriate departments in the morning. In severe and extremely severe cases, when patients need intensive care, they are transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

Comfortable rooms have been created for doctors of the Emergency Hospital, as well as for narrow specialists-surgeons, orthopedic traumatologists, neurologists and other specialists. Radiologists will also be on duty for quick diagnosis and time saving.

The staff of reference center will provide relatives with constant information about the health status of patients, and a spacious lobby and a separate waiting room for relatives of patients are designed for doctors to work in quieter conditions. Such a format of the first Еmergency Hospital in the republic will complete the chain of professional services provided by MC Erebouni and will become a model for other medical institutions.

New emergency department
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