New ophthalmology Service


New Ophthalmology Service in MC Erebouni.

Instrumental eye examinations, treatment, interventions, surgeries.

For children and adults

Diagnosis, treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, retina, inflammatory eye diseases, vision correction with eyeglasses and contact lenses.

In the newly created service, plastic eye surgeries are also carried out: lacrimal gland transplantation, repair, treatment for chalazion, removal of eye hoods and various types of eyelid tumors, blepharoplasty, restoration of the anterior part of the eye and other interventions.

Doctors work with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment: Humphrey perimeter of the German company Zeiss, a tonometer of the Finnish company iCare, ultrasound of the Canadian company OTI.​ Equipment is complemented by a microscope, a refractometer, a phoropter by the famous Japanese company TOMEI, widely used in ophthalmology, represented by a single system.

Avoid vision problems, keep your eyesight, get examined frequently and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

New ophthalmology Service
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