Oh, what a miracle! I can hear!


Oh, what a miracle! I can hear!
Oh, what a miracle! I can hear!

In recent decades, thousands of patients of different ages with varying degrees of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss, who underwent cochlear implantation, were registered in ENT Department of MC Erebouni . The most important modern task of cochlear implantation is to lower the age of the candidates for cochlear implantation and to expand the indications for its conduction. Cochlear implantation is clinically proven, safe and effective method for restoring the hearing loss of the patients. /erebunimed.com/eng/news.more/215

In 05.10.17. in ENT Department of MC Erebouni a procedure for switching on cochlear implant processors for deaf children, operated on a month ago was held .

All those present witnessed the miracle: two -year old Hasmik from Gyumri began to hear and respond to commands of teacher of the deaf and audiologist. (After the surgery the special works with the child are carried out , that help the child to hear and perceive the auditory analyzer). Implant is periodically programmed- it is possible to raise or lower the volume, etc..


On the same day all those patients who have recently undergone cochlear implantation could rejoice at the sounds of the world. It was quite touching to watch the emotions, that filled the hearts of not only numerous staff members of MC Erebouni ,but also the families and friends of all those patients who had the devices turned on .

The authority of MC Erebouni represented by Executive Director M. V. Manukyan and the head of ENT Department of MC Erebouni, Prof. A.K. Shukuryan, MD. noted the importance of what was happening, expressing the pride and satisfaction with the work done . “If the child, not speaking about the adult patients, has hearing problems, it is necessary to take urgent measures, and not to leave for later. “The earlier steps are taken , the more effective and significant the result will be!”.

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