After 23 years of prolonged illness, the woman recovered


After 23 years of prolonged illness, the woman recovered

Another success was recorded in the Ophthalmology Service of MC Erebouni. After 23 years of prolonged illness, the woman recovered.

A 61-year-old woman turned to the Ophthalmology Service of MC Erebouni with more than 20 years of complaints: continuous lacrimation and discharge of pus from the eyes.

The patient was received by the head of the Service, Dr. Diana Zarembo. Comprehensive ophthalmological examinations were carried out: visometry, biomicroscopy, tear duct probing. Based on the examination, canaliculitis of the inferior lacrimal canaliculitis was diagnosed. For many years, the woman received treatment with antibiotics, which, however, did not bring any benefit.After the examination and the final diagnosis, the head of the Ophthalmology Service, Dr. Diana Zarembo, performed canaliculotomy. Dacryolites were also found during the procedure. Dacryolithiasis is a rare pathology that occurs only in 7% of cases. With such a problem, as a result of stopping the tear, specific concretions, dacryoliths are formed in the tear ducts. Prolonged stopping of tears and lacrimation can cause various inflammatory eye diseases: blepharoconjunctivitis, keratitis. Patients complain of pain, lacrimation, redness of the eyes. An accurate diagnosis is very important here.

As a result of an accurate diagnosis, surgical treatment, the patient's problems completely disappeared, she returned to normal life.

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