The peculiarities and advantages of the newest X-ray equipment. Naira Minasyan


The peculiarities and advantages of the newest X-ray equipment. Naira Minasyan

The head of X-ray Department of Medical Center Erebouni Naira Minasyan in interview gives the comparative characteristics of diagnostic X-ray and computed tomography.– Dr. Minassian, could you please present what kind of radiological diagnostics may provide the MC Erebouni.

Medical Center Erebouni may provides X-ray, densitometry, computed tomography and ultrasound diagnostic services. X-ray diagnostics is carried out by modern Siemens equipment, which guarantees the high quality of x-ray image. Photo lab equipped with mechanized and developing digital devices, so it is possible during a few minutes to get a high-quality image and a short time to give the patient medical conclusion.

– What is the difference between computed tomography and X-ray diagnostic methods?

In contrast to X-ray examination, which gives the opportunity to get a total picture, the computed tomography conducted multislice study with the further possibility of three-dimensional reconstruction. However, it should be noted that the basis of computed tomography is also the X-ray technique. Despite the fact that at the end of XX century the computed tomography was widely in use and people was not giving much importance to the X-ray diagnostics, yet the development of modern medicine leads again to widely usage of the X-ray diagnostics.– What are the advantages of X-ray diagnostics?Firstly, the advantage of the X-ray diagnostics is its informativity. It is well known that X-ray image obtained by combining the three colors - white, black and gray. Than higher the diagnostic capabilities of the device and the quality of the film, the more contrasted these colors. Appropriately the X-ray image becomes more clear and accessible, and diagnostics - more accurate. Due to presence of such modern equipment it became possible to provide accurate diagnostics in very short frame time.The second advantage is the availability of diagnostic X-ray studies. Next, perhaps the most important advantage is a relatively low dose of radiation to the patient and physician during the procedure.– Are there any diseases for which the X-ray diagnostic is irreplaceable?It is not correct to assert that X-ray examination is indispensable for the diagnosis of a disease, as it is also possible to provide by computer tomography. However, X-ray study is most important for the diagnosis of abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system, the chest and gastrointestinal tract, as it enables the performance of a more accurate and precise diagnosis.

– Can we say that in modern medicine, there is competition between X-rays and computed tomography?At present, while the X-ray and computed tomography have a unique role and importance in medicine, in fact, both methods of study are essential and harmoniously complement each other. However, it should be noted that there are some hard detecting diseases, which can be detected only by computed tomography.The medical center "Erebouni" has all the possibilities (including highly qualified specialists and the latest high-end equipment) for proper diagnosis and effective treatment.

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