"The unique in its kind the Ambulance Service in the country": Tigran Khudaverdyan


Emergency Ambulance Service of Erebouni Medical Center during the decade of activity has distinguished by its high professionalism and unique style of work.

Regarding the features of the Ambulance Service of MC Erebouni we had talked with the head of the service Tigran Khudaverdyan.

Worldwide the Ambulance Service is dealing with the large segments of the population of the country. What distinguishes the Ambulance Service of MC Erebouni from others?

– The Ambulance Service of the Center was established in 2001 as a result of cooperation with the Paris University Hospital Henri Mondor. It is unique of its kind in Armenia, since it is the first private emergency ambulance service that operates according to European protocols.

Another feature of the Ambulance Service is the fact that we accept the calls from the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Georgia.

Regarding the features of the Ambulance Service of MC Erebouni we had talked with the head of the service Tigran Khudaverdyan

Is it difficult to provide the high quality of ambulance service in such big area of territory?

– Of course it is not easy. But we do our best to ensure maximum effectiveness, including in the transportation of severe patients to the our Center. We often receives the calls from the regions of Armenia, particularly in case of severe patients. There are also a number of calls to the patients with very severe and life-threatening condition. Even in these cases our team is arriving to the site.

It is likelihood that ambulance doctors are faced with the accusations in cases where the patient dies before their arrival or during transportation.

– Our doctors are specially trained. In addition, when it becomes clear that the patient's condition is very severe, our specialists provide the relatives with psychological assistance by telephone. It is help a lot to considerably defuse tensions and prevent misunderstandings.

Your Ambulance Service stands out also by its equipping with all necessary medical equipment and other tools. Isn't it?

– Yes, the cars of the Ambulance Service is always kept updated. Recently we had also purchased the new cars, which are equipped with all necessary for emergency care and resuscitation equipment, including a wide range of medicines. The multidisciplinary team that consist from cardiologist, resuscitation and general surgery specialists provide the ambulance service on call.

"The unique in its kind the Ambulance Service in the country": Tigran KhudaverdyanIf the prices of the Ambulance Service of your Center are affordable?

– It was payable service from the beginning, when our ambulance service were founded. The cost of call of the ambulance in Yerevan is 15,000 drams and in the regions - according to the price list. In some cases, in case of necessity, it is applied some discounts. I would like to note that it is already a year that the calls from different regions of Armenia with cases of acute myocardial infarction we are serving free of charge.

On what basis you are selecting the specialists for ambulance service?

– In Ambulance Service works not independent specialists but employees of the intensive care unit, cardiology, surgery and other departments of Medical Center Erebouni. In case of necessity, in the ambulance service work are involved also narrow specialists. For work in ambulance services we are selecting usually young and experienced specialists of our Center.

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