Uterine malformations: Vestigial womb


Uterine malformations:  Vestigial womb
Uterine malformations:  Vestigial womb

A 20-yr-old primigravid woman G.C. from Vedi at 16 weeks of gestation was registered in Maternity consulting center in Vedi.

At night 19.03.16. the woman started to feel pains in the lower abdomen followed by loss of consciousness and was taken to Maternity Hospital of Vedi, where she got the first aid and then transferred to Clinic of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine of MC Erebouni in the ambulance in a coma and critical condition.

In 19.03.16.after carrying out clinical laboratory tests and pelvic ultrasound, it was diagnosed: ectopic (abdominal) pregnancy at 16 week, acute abdomen, internal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock III0.The pregnant woman was urgently underwent to surgery by the Director of Maternity Home, obstetrician- gynecologist PhD(c.m.s.) A.P.Poghosyan, obstretian-gynecologists Dr. T.A.Hovhannisyan and Dr.A.G.Sahakyan.

During surgical intervention was carried out revision of the abdominal cavity. It was detected internal bleeding (approx. 2,5l of blood), and also fetus with placenta corresponding to 15 weeks of pregnancy. It was also detected uterine malformations-additional uterine horn in the left, where the pregnancy was developing. This anomaly wasn`t diagnosed during previous ultrasound investigations. There was a horn gap (rupture) due to which fetus with placenta appeared in abdomen.

Additional horn was removed; the integrity of the uterus has been restored. The blood transfusion also had been done to the patient.

Post operative period went smoothly. The patient was discharged to outpatient observation.

Complicated cases of such kind occur in medicine in 1:100000.

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