Master class 2. "Hysteroscopic and ultrasound examinations"


"Hysteroscopic and ultrasound examinations. Diagnosis and treatment of uterine cavity diseases"

The focus of specialists this year centers on hysteroscopic and ultrasound examinations for diagnosing and treating conditions within the uterine cavity. There is a significant demand for discussions regarding when to perform hysteroscopic interventions, particularly in identifying suitable patients. Furthermore, the experts are delving into an exploration of the methodology itself and why it has become an indispensable diagnostic tool for numerous gynecological ailments.

Present at this gathering are obstetricians and gynecologists from the maternity ward at "Erebuni" Medical Center, as well as those from "Nairi" Medical Center. Additionally, experts from leading clinics both nationally and internationally have convened for this purpose. Their shared focus revolves around hysteroscopy's role as a primary technique for detecting, diagnosing, and treating obstetric and gynecological disorders. This event marks the second masterclass organized by Lilit Hovsepyan, the obstetrician-gynecologist from the Gynecology Department at "Erebuni" Medical Center, in collaboration with the head of "Glasbo" Clinic, Ashot Davidyants, and the head of "Davidyants" Laboratories, Ashot Davidyants. This annual tradition has received support from "Erebuni" and "Nairi" Medical Centers, as well as the Armenian branch of the renowned German company, KARL STORZ.

Master class 2.
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