Woman with cancer gives birth to healthy baby.


Woman with cancer gives birth to healthy baby.
Woman with cancer gives birth to healthy baby.

35 -years-old woman was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on 26th week of pregnancy. In MC Erebouni two team of doctors- obstetrician gynecologists headed by the Vice-Director of Erebouni MC in Obstetrics-Gynecology Service Dr. Andranik Poghosyan (MD, PhD) and oncologists – chemotherapists headed by Head of Department of Chemotherapy of MC Erebouni Dr. Haykuhi Geokchyan, MD were trying to preserve woman`s and her child`s life. Since the fetus was not yet viable, it was necessary to keep the pregnancy for some time, on the other hand, it was the threat for life if she doesn`t get treated. According to European protocols Dr. Haykuhi Geokchyan started chemotherapy treatment with special three courses. On the 35th week of pregnancy Cesarean cession was carried out. She gave birth to a completely healthy, 3 kg baby boy, who was her fourth child. Now patient receives more aggressive treatment course; after 4th course of treatment she will be operated on. During pregnancy organism reacted well with chemotherapy, tumor decreased, in other organs there is no metastasis. All this gives hope to doctors, that it is possible to beat the cancer.

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