“ Women and Diabetes”. Our right to a healthy future! World Diabetes Day.


“ Women and Diabetes”. Our right to a healthy future! World Diabetes Day.
“ Women and Diabetes”. Our right to a healthy future! World Diabetes Day.

The Conference, dedicated to the World Diabetes Day , was opened on 14 November 2017 . “To participate in the World Diabetes Day is honorable and important!” with these words opened the Conference President of Diabetes Association , Head of Endocrinology Department of MC Erebouni , Associate professor Eliza Hayrapetyan, MD . She noted,- “ That`s a day, that all people suffering from diabetes , health-care workers, the Government and the public combine their efforts in the fight against this disease”.

The main theme of the Conference was the development of a special approach to the prevention and treatment of women with diabetes.

According to official statistics, over 199 million women live with diabetes worldwide, and the incidence is projected to increase to 313 million by 2040. Diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women globally, causing 2.1 million deaths per year.

For the prevention, most girls and women are not sufficiently monitored due to socio- economic shocks, especially in developing countries, which reduces the percentage of an early detection and subsequent treatment of diabetes. Every second of the five women of reproductive age suffer from diabetes i.e. about 60 million in the world. Pregnancy with such a disease, both for mother and the fetus is a big risk and doesn`t always have a positive outcome. Therefore, much effort must be made to reduce these risks, which requires constant monitoring and control.

As noted Eliza Hayrapetyan: "The most important- is not only the control by doctors, the provision of health care and the provision of the necessary drugs and devices for monitoring glucose levels, but also self-control by the patients themselves ”.

Chief Endocrinologist of the Ministry of Health RA Edward Toromanyan , The head of Yerevan Endocrinology Dispensary Anush Buniatyan, Head of Endocrinology Department of YSMU, Prof. Yelena Aghajanova participated in the conference, who in their speeches noted important aspects and directions for resolving many pressing issues related to both the provision of medical care in diabetes and the issues related to the provision of appropriate medications.

Professor Yelena Aghajanova ,as President of Pediatric Endocrine Society, in her speech took a special place in the problem of the incidence of diabetes in children and adolescents. ”Children are our future, their childhood and further life should not be overshadowed by this formidable disease."

"We must consciously come to the conclusion that we can live, work and rejoice with this disease!"- said the resident of Yerevan, B. Babayan who has been suffering from diabetes for many years, effectively fights with a terrible disease, fully enjoying life .

The solemn presentation of Joslin`s medal and certificate to a patient who has been suffering from diabetes for more than 50 years, but continues to actively live and work fruitfully was held at the conference. This medal was established just for such special occasions by Joslin Diabetes Center.

Certificates of Merit were presented to endocrinologists who, through their fruitful work and active participation in the activities of the Diabetes Association, contributed to the preservation of the level and usefulness of life for many patients. The conference was concluded by a small concert with the participation of children with diabetes, who thanks to the specialists actively live and enjoy their successes.

Diabetes is not a death sentence; it`s a way of life!

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