3D mapping system Carto 3. New world medical technologies help doctors!


3D mapping system Carto 3. New world medical technologies help doctors!
3D mapping system Carto 3. New world medical technologies help doctors!

The press conference was held on 22 November 2017, with participation of the head of Cardiology Center MC Erebouni Professor Hamlet Hayrapetyan and head of Arrhithmology Department Dr. Mihran Martirosyan (MD,PhD).

Dr . M. Martirosyan noted, that arrhythmology has been rapidly developing in recent decades. There are types of arrhythmias, that either life-threatenig or dramatically reduce the quality of life . New types of arrhythmias began to appear, that require diagnosis, special approach and treatment.

Until recently, the methods of diagnosis, drug and surgical methods of treatment of various types of arrhythmias existing in MC Erebouni were effective, but they required long-term and expensive treatment as a whole. With the help of 3 D navigation system is given the opportunity of more accurate diagnosis and mapping of some types of complex arrhythmias, that provides maximum efficiency of the treatment, reduces the time of intervention and the cost of postoperative treatment.

For many years, working with “ Erazmus” clinic , Dr. Mihran Martirosyan carried out many surgeries, using 3D navigation system. With the help of a special catheter, it becomes possible to “penetrate” the patient`s heart, to calculate, identify the site of origin of the abnormal rhythm, and by point cauterization complete the surgery. Throughout this process three-dimensional image of the surgery is visible on the monitor of a special computer.

The head of Arrhythmology Department of MC Erebouni Dr. M. Martirosyan (MD,PhD) presented slide show , with the help of which the audience could get acquainted with video material, in which 3D navigation system and its importance were presented.

As Professor H.Hayrapetyan pointed out in his speech, Cardiology Center of MC Erebouni in the near future will have a new arrhythmology equipment – 3D Carto navigation system, which makes it possible to enlarge the list of cardiac surgeries , and perform even more complex interventions , reduce attendant risk.

With the acquisition of 3 D navigation system in Cardiology Center of MC Erebouni it will become possible the performance of high-tech and highly effective surgeries in such types of arrhythmias as atrial fibrillation, complex ventricular arrhythmias and others and, accordingly, prolong the patient`s life and improve its quality.

“It should be noted, that such surgeries with the use of above - mentioned system haven`t previously been carried out not only in our center but all over Armenia”- concluded professor Hamlet Hayrapetyan. Purposeful implementation of the latest achievements of world medicine in the practice of MC Erebouni makes it possible to carry out high- tech interventions, that are not inferior to the level of efficiency and skills to foreign clinics, enable patients to receive specialized medical care at more affordable prices at home rather than abroad.

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