Euro-Caucasian conference of Cardiology in Armenia. 


Euro-Caucasian conference of Cardiology in Armenia.

Once again, cardiologists from all over the world gathered in one place to discuss the latest guides in the field of cardiology. With the assistance of the Ministry of Health and ASAF, this time the conference was organized by the Association of Cardiologists of Armenia. During frequently organized conferences, the latest news, issues of the sphere are discussed, the latest approaches are presented. Armenia is making great strides in the field of cardiology, increasing programs and state support from year to year.

The Association of Cardiologists of Armenia is headed by Dr. Hamlet Hayrapetyan, Adviser to the Minister of Health on Cardiology, Head of the Cardiology Center of the MC Erebouni. At the invitation of the professor, leading experts in this field, who are great world authorities, are in Armenia. There are also Armenian cardiologists who are the authors of the latest European guides. For a member of the European Association of Cardiologists, professor of Paris Descartes University, our compatriot Dr. Alek Vahanyan, such cooperation with Armenian specialists is very important, because they also get acquainted with the possibilities and methods of treatment used in Armenia.

Our specialists have an exceptional opportunity to listen to world-renowned doctors and communicate with them without leaving the country.

According to Nicolas Danshan, professor of Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital, the great professional potential of Armenian cardiologists is obvious. foreign cardiologists have witnessed how our specialists solve complex cardiological problems.

On the eve of the conference, the latest European guides were translated, approved and made available to cardiologists of various medical centers of the republic as the most important basis for patient management and organization of medical care.

A well-known cardiologist, Academician of the Russian Federation Bagrat Alekyan is also in Armenia. It was thanks to his efforts that the most important cardiological projects took place, the Angiographic Service of MC Erebouni also bears his name.

The most important issues discussed during the two-day conference will also be discussed online. The official website of the Association of Cardiologists of Armenia has been launched.

Euro-Caucasian conference of Cardiology in Armenia. 
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