Specialists of MC Erebouni and MC Nairi visited Aparan MC


In Aparan MC they provided free medical care to local patients. Exams and consultations were carried out by a number of narrowly specialized doctors, the need for which is felt very strongly in the regions: rheumatologist, arrhythmologist, breast surgeon, radiologist, urologist, neurologist, endocrinologist. This is another visit of doctors to the regions. There is a clear principle for the management of the MC Erebоuni and MC Nairi deliver high-quality medical care of the capital also in the regions, to help the population of the regions to receive the same medical care without reaching Yerevan. For this purpose, Open Doors Days are periodically organized in various regions of the republic, including in remote areas where such specialists are very much needed.

Another important goal is cooperation with the doctors of the region, joint discussions of the latest treatment methods.

During this visit to Aparan Medical Center, 101 patients underwent a free consultation and examination.

Specialists of MC Erebouni and MC Nairi visited Aparan MC
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