The life of a newborn in critical condition was saved at MC Erebouni.


The life of a newborn in critical condition was saved at MC Erebouni.

The life of a newborn in critical condition was saved at MC Erebouni. A woman with 37 -weeks of pregnancy with double-layer closure of the uterine scar and rhesus negative (RhD negative) blood type was referred to MC Erebouni from another medical institution.

The woman was admitted and underwent primary examination by the Head of Department of High Risk Pregnancy of MC Erebouni Dr. Edita Gharibyan. Necessary examinations showed high titers of antibodies in blood and fetal distress was observed, every minute could be fatal for a child. After consulting with Director of the Maternity Clinic Dr. Andranik Poghosyan, it was decided to have an emergency caesarean section, which was performed by Dr. Edita Gharibyan.

Baby boy was born weighing 2950 grams. The condition of the baby was assessed as extremely serious at birth and was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Head of the department, Professor Pavel Mazmanyan conducted a number of examinations. Hemolytic disease of the newborn with severe swelling was diagnosed, during which there is accumulation of extra fluid in different organs. In this case, fluid was accumulated in the lungs, abdominal cavity, and there were extensive swelling throughout the body, the child had severe anemia.

Due to severe respiratory insufficiency, newborn was connected to ventilator machine. At the third hour of life a blood transfusion was performed for 5 hours. Two units of blood has changed.

The most severe course of the disease required this intervention three more times, which was implemented.

When diagnosed with this form of hemolytic disease, the probability of a positive outcome is extremely low, 90% of deaths worldwide. However, the teamwork of the Maternity Clinic made it possible to quickly orient and perform a Caesarean section, and to do serious work to save the newborn`s life. Now the baby is discharged with no health problems.

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